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<HR><SCRIPT src='font2.js'></SCRIPT>A Brass Band in Hampshire ! not what traditionalists would expect but this Brass Band (Hampshire County Youth Band) is up there with the best. When it comes to brass band music the Hampshire County Youth Band ranks among the best. Founded in 1963 by John Knight, a brass band trainer and educator, as the Mid Hants Schools Band, it took its early members from three Hampshire schools; Peter Symonds in Winchester, Queen Marys in Basingstoke and Eggars in Alton. The brass band has had a consistent level of excellence and when John Knight retired Leighton Rich took over and has continued with the ethos of high quality brass band music from enthusiastic young people. The band is now three bands assuring the future of brass band music in Hampshire. Perhaps <b>Eric Ball</b> summed up the quality of the band when he announced at a concert that John allowing him to conduct this brass band was like a friend lending you there new Rolls Royce - praise indeed. This web site is for members, ex-members and supporters of the Hampshire County Youth Band - a real youth brass band.<BR><BR>This site will not work properly with browsers that do not support Frames.</FONT>